Friday, November 20, 2015

Dream of Shadow

Normal people dreamt about own shadow, will get sick and ought to be careful to body condition.

Patient dreamt about own shadow, will spend a long time on bed.

If you dreamt about other people's shadow, the owner of the shadow will get sick.

If you dreamt about shadow of wife, you will gain more and more conjugal love.

If you dreamt about own image in a mirror, it is a sign of having strong body.

If you dreamt about own image reflected on water, you will face extreme difficulty at old age.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dream of Echo

Echo is a reflection of sound. It indicates bickering.

If you dreamt about hearing your own echo, it indicates you will quarrel with friend, and ought to have more tolerance and self-control.

If you dreamt about echo conveyed from house, it indicates that somebody is quarrelling in your house, and you need to calm down the situation.

Farmer dreamt about echo coming from well, crops will encounter big lost.

Defendant dreamt about echo coming from a jungle, will be expelled or sentenced to life imprisonment.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dream of Island

If you dreamt of being on an island surrounded by clear water, it indicates a happy vacation and good luck in career. To a woman, it indicates a prosperous marriage life.

If you dreamt of a desolated island, it indicates lost of happiness and wealth as a result of indulgence.

If you dreamt about your boat sank after hitting a desolated island, you will have good business and make a lot of money.

If you dreamt of a group of islands, it indicates that after working hard and experienced uneasy time for noble obligation and responsibility, you will earn an easy and peaceful life.

If you dreamt about there are people on island, it indicates that you will work hard to become the one in a thousand of prominent people.

Patient dreamt about being pushed into the sea and climbed onto an island, will have strong body soon.